Samara's Float Therapy Journey: Month 3

November 20, 2020

The 8th of every month is donation based floating at Radi8! I was able to donate this month to the firefighters who fought the CO fires. It’s an amazing way to give back to our community. I was excited for this float, because life felt like it finally started to calm down. Work had settled, the election was over and as we move towards the end of the year, I am starting to feel some relief from all of the stress and anxiety that had built up. The tank was warm and peaceful, and I was able to easily drift off.

Feeling the warm water on my skin and the warm air in my lungs grounds me in my own body. It reminds me that I am here on this earth and at the same time, allows my physical body hang ups to disappear. I don’t worry about my weight, my saggy body after having two kids, because in the dark none of that matters. Once all of that falls away, I can connect with my breath and my body in a different way. And what came up for me in this float was my sensuality.

I don’t know about you, but stay-at-home life has been filled with sweatpants, extra sweets and an overall lack of bras and brushing my hair. I forget what it’s like to get dressed up and feel sexy. This might sound strange or awkward but I found myself connecting with my sensuality, and remembering all of the things that make me physically and mentally feel good. Those good feelings lasted long after my float and remind me of who I am when I’m covered in kids and this morning’s oatmeal. Rediscovering a better version of myself again and again keeps bringing me back to floating. And the warm, salty tank on a cold day is exactly what I need to shake the monotony of this year.


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