Week 39

By Tierra Coxsey - July 12, 2019

Week 39 is on the slower end of things and I really always do cling to, "The shadow proves the sunshine." This seems to be the theme here and everything is culminating but not quickly enough for my impatient timeline. Summer is very slow for floating due to a few misconceptions and our amazing state allowing us to stay outdoors for freedom filled evening after evening without rest. Some people assume that since epsom salt is a mineral, then its warm thus the correlation of hot springs and when our Colorado temperatures sky rocket, people don't float often. Just to clear that up, I find floating in the summer refreshing, cleansing, and remember the water is body temperature so no issue there.

The shadow. A lot of the people I am near are really at a breaking point. I have a habit of letting myself get depleted and constantly wonder why I do that. I think that we try to pack so much in, like the lake days, hikes, drive in times, BBQ's, parties, festivals and the list honestly keeps going. We do not stop to self care in the summer like we should. Three people have come to float in tears in the past month. These were all people I didn't know recovering from trauma and either recovering from loss or pondering it. This is definitely coming from the place of the observer as I am definitely noticing that I have to fit yoga and floating in with my high stress level or it's my family who pays the price. I'm not alone in this and just want you to know that I have been absolutely terrible at taking care of me until recently when the stakes got a little higher and the water got a little deeper. My son asked me recently how he should manage a stressful decision and my answer to him was honest in saying that I pray, float, practice yoga, and ask the few people I have for advice.

The proof. Owning a small business is beautiful and terrifying at the same time and has brought me to a place of living in the present very quickly. My long term plans are hard to get to, my image of what it was going to be shattered. But in it's place is something that has a lot of beauty, rawness and effort that I never knew available. It's both uncomfortable and becoming a second home so easily at the same time. A place where my kids know the rules, the drill, and the ice cream shop very well. I love the people that I work with. I think that they are supposed to be here in the same way that I needed a place like this to exist. I know the people that come to float can feel how glad we are to share the experience of floating. Someone's journal entry or review is so touching and valuble. I hope the people that work here have such a sense of pride for the walk they are bringing people to, the place that tells people to slow down for a minute. Be thankful, be open, be happy, be kind, and be you. Be unquenchably you. 

The sunshine. That's sprinkled all over the picture. In any absence the presence is felt. It's the highlight at the end of the day when we know for ourselves how hard it was to stretch and grow. To solve, to bite our tongue or not. To try, to breathe, to cry or let someone else cry. To know that if this goes away there will be a hole hard to repair. To know that God's got me through it all, that's a ray of sunshine that keeps it's glow.
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