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A close, personal friend just lost so much

By Tierra Coxsey - May 1, 2019

MAY 8th 2019, we have chosen a special friend to donate 30% of all proceeds. A close personal friend and a BROTHER IN ARMS has not only tragically lost his home in a fire, he has also lost one of his closest friends as well. It has got to be one of the hardest times this could have happened to him. Money is not the only answer but please help me show support in the only way I can think of to meet his immediate need. Join us May 8th 2019 to help support a US veteran who serves to help us. I've known Andrew since 1994 and respect and wish to support him any way I can. If you are not local you can donate online with Paypal or CC by going to and type ANDREW in the note field. Thank you for your consideration! Keep Radi8ing Love. Book now at 
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