Crazy Highs and Crazy Lows

Diary of a float attendant week 26

By Tierra Coxsey - April 11, 2019

Today is my start to week 26 of owning Radi8 Float Studio. Really Diving in. When I am at the Studio I am limited to how far as how much I canget accomplished but have this beautiful ability to tune in. I have the time span that I equate to that of a sleeping child. About an hour and 15 minutes at a time to accomplish the world. To get this organized and clean, to dream, to complete both the tedious and the unique tasks that each day brings. Some days I accomplish so much, some days I only complete what is needed to float and help the souls in the rooms behind me. I love the variety but am equally proud and disappointed each day. What marketing task fell of my plate and what did I try that I hadn't before? How did I grow my thinking and how the people that float at Radi8 Float Studio ripple into my thoughts in a different direction? What can I expect tomorrow? I believe in community. I believe people are supposed to interact and have profound effects on one another and I see that happen every day.

The best thing that happened at the float center this week was hearing about Sydney’s yoga success and life’s questions about getting older and having Kathy start to work there. What you don’t know if you haven’t owned a business is the higher things take you the harder it hits when things surprise you. I can spend a paragraph talking about taxes and increases only to have lost a few strands of my chestnut colored braid. I cannot change that at the moment so let’s switch gears and work on programming, marketing, and dear God, please leave me enough time for yoga. Let me go back to place where I was excitedly waiting to get this loan…

The reason why yoga is integrated into the 8 in Radi8 comes next. It was the only thing I could consistently afford to integrate into the intensely long wait to start Radi8. A huge shout out to Shannon Paige, Kevin Flynn, Tiffany Bush and Sara Walsh. These teachers all helped me through that process and accepted me for the Christian, babbling, yogi that I am. I am one of the most positive people I have met. At least I was. Quotes such as, “I cried because I had no shoes, then I met a man with no feet,” and “You must be the change you wish to see in the world,” By Mahatma Gandhi become tattoos of my soul. But through this process of financials, budgets, demographics, and statistics, small holes began to creep through the belief that Radi8 would be real. Yoga allowed them to be there while moving in the right direction. It taught me awareness and breath and patience. It took me from an impatient klutz into a breathing person with focus and prayer. I love it as much as I love floating. I will not shove anything down your throat or go into detail but you should know that all I want to do is be a part of a place that welcomes EVERYONE. Everyone gets a chance to heal and grow.

Okay- back to work for the next four hours before going into Radi8 for the following 5. Thank you to my family this week. Thank you Chad, Payton, Deion, Sydney, Tavia, Miranda, Scott, and Audra. They have each recognized my little holes in a different way. My tears and worry, my heartbreak and fatigue. It's not all bad, but as things have that way, the heavy things take center stage. I am sorry for all of that but as my son Deion told me, “He’s making my back stronger and better things are on the way.” Come float with us and figure out what you should be doing. That's what I did and I hope it was right. 

Not sure if I need this , ahem I told you I am not a writer- but I think i would want it if I were Gandhi.
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