This feels pivotal so I am going to share that with you. It’s a bit uncomfortable but that usually means change or growth and those things are inspiring.


By Tierra - March 15, 2019

To start, I am not a writer. I am not verbally gifted. I struggle with extracting my feelings and placing words and tags around them because I don’t particularly like labels or judgements that don’t offer growth. I do want to tell you about my journey with Radi8 Float Studio in a way because some of the most challenging things I’ve gone through I feel like I had to shine my light on each and every step and at times when I look back I can only remember the highlights and lowlights and there is so much more to the story than the triumphant win or the sad lull that happened in the middle. So I suppose, I have the desire to show you what I fear you will see anyway- and tell you a little bit more about it so that your picture of what we’re doing here has a back drop. Maybe you struggle with pictures the way I do with words. Maybe you struggle understanding feelings the way I struggle with facts and retaining them. Maybe you are a genius who has it all together. I am here to show you only where I am and what makes sense right now. I have tried to not place too much importance on the past and not too much on the future either. This is my life at 38, wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, co-worker, whatever I am to you, here I am.
Radi8 Float Studio started after getting a gift card from my husband, Chad- December 24 2017. It wasn’t the first time I couldn’t process one of his gifts, I couldn’t tell what this was. A gift card for sure. There was a brochure mentioning salt, and darkness, and 90 minute sessions? I was confused and he was offering vague explanations and his voice sounded nervous and excited. I later tried to do some research and ended up calling a pretty girl named Shea at Samana Float and when I told her I had a gift card to use, I asked her what I needed to know. I was relieved when she said to simply show up to my first float 5 minutes early and not to shave my legs. This; I could do. She was interesting and kind, and she smiled on the phone and I liked that. She knew what I didn’t yet and for some reason that was great. My first float was heaven and spun us into the most life changing date we had had in a long time and my husband knew it. We relished in the post- float energy the rest of the night and felt refreshed and reset for the rest of the week if not more.
Fast forward one week and Michelle and I are headed up to Winter Park and I’m telling her all about it and I’m terrible with words just trying to paint this experience with adjectives like peaceful, exciting, refreshing, curious, weightless, free- don’t worry, she gets it despite me. She says it sounds like Shivasna. I ask a thousand questions about this yoga and this resting and she does the same. She understands the way it feels so good to deal with thoughts and emotions in the tank and then to let them go or let them hit you with the amount of inspiration or meaning.
Here I am slightly more than two years later and I am just understanding that I’m here. All of the work it took to get here, all of the thought and reports and research. All of the people who supported me and encouraged me and guided me they are in it, too. I just had the flashlight in my hand looking around at this experience and saw everything coming up in front of me. Have you ever done that? Forgotten how far you’ve come?
It’s hard. I want to tell you about it but there is so much to do and so much to share, and know, and fix, and start. But please know if you come in, I probably have to mop, buy shampoo and clean up salt, but I do want to share it with you. That’s actually what this is all about. I think you need to find you, too. I have since stopped working for someone and I have started working for you. It’s so hard to convince you as well. To try floating. To try to get to know yourself and to try to go back toward what you are supposed to do. But this is what I am supposed to do I definitely know that now.
The problem is that I am still from North America. I still have pointless needs like driving a car and paying for the gas within it. It’s tough to differentiate whether or not were doing well. We are not rolling in it. We are not making certain ends meet. We are hoping for healing and heartwarming experiences to happen to you and we believe that with every fiber that we are supposed to be in this together but that might not be possible if it doesn’t catch fire. And that’s the only place I know where to leave it. It’s all in His hands. Always was. Always is. Always will be. I’m praying that I can keep doing this. I’m praying that Michelle can. Now you know my heart. We need your help and we absolutely cannot do this without you. We are trying to follow our dream of a place that offers some peace. I’m tired, on fire, scared, hopeful, happy and engaged all at the same time. 3/15/19 the place that I have never been before.
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