Clarity From the Float Tank

By Michelle Willson - November 9, 2018

As I select the star on my Google address bar saving as a favorite I have a mix of emotions. I'm doing so now is because I have a solid understanding that my son is enlisting. I have been in denial about this fact for over a year now. Today as we enter the Veteran’s Day weekend I am setting aside the voices in my head that I failed, the school system failed, or that our government may fail him. The truth is I know my job right now is to be supportive and provide wisdom. I have learned many things in my life (many of them not by choice) but the one thing I have learned is that when I face my fears with knowledge I have the best results. I grew up in a military family and I even joined the military where I had the pleasure to meet some of the most honorable women and men in my life. Today thanks to the peace I have found in the tank I can see that my fear/anxiety has a root. It won’t stand in the way anymore. Instead of it causing me to stay in the state of fear I can see the fear for what it is, my cherished only son and oldest child making a real life adult decision. Is it because I am afraid to let go? Is it because he is only 17? Is it because of the constant conflict our military is at? Is it because the majority of his life he was raised by me alone and I failed to help him find something else to be passionate about? Like any reasonable parent I want him to find unshakeable happiness.  For him to do that I must support him and his dreams. So today November 9th 2018 I the mother of an intelligent, honest, compassionate and handsome seventeen year old boy have saved as a favorite and I will read every word. I will support his decision the way I support my family and all the current armed forces who made the same choice he did over the centuries and those to come. One that says I see a better world and I am going to do my part from the inside out. I will stand up for injustice and I will fight if that is what I am called to do. I will love him and I will honor him because of his heart and those whose steps he follows makes our country a place I can write this, a place that allows him and my beautiful daughters to choose for themselves who they want to be when they grow up. 
In honor of Veteran’s Day we at Radi8 Float Studio would like to thank our active military, veterans, and their immediate family The gift of REST. Call us and schedule your float and receive a 20% discount. 
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