-Risk of Infection in the Use of Flotation Tanks - Public Health Ontario, 2016


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At Radi8

we offer floatation as a unique way to experience the most pure, natural state of awareness, deep relaxation and meditative presence. By relieving the body of constantly supporting its own weight and freeing the mind from constant stimuli, floating frees up energy to meditate on what remains. So you can discover what is actually there and return into the world with a renewed, every present awareness of yourself and the world.


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Additional Floating FAQs

Floating is a way of achieving deep relaxation by spending 90 minutes lying in 10" of body temperature water and Epsom salt solution to experience zero gravity.

Referred to as "Float Tanks" or simply “floating", flotation therapy treatments diminish nearly all sights, sounds, smells and touch, earning a reputation for naturally easing many ailments. Floaters report benefits including insomnia cures and relief from chronic pain, anxiety, depression and even addiction. Perhaps the beauty in all of this is that these reported benefits are possible without a doctor"s visit, breaking a sweat or filling any prescriptions.

Floating enhances the body"s ability relax completely and stops all the stimuli of the world, all the outside influence, resetting and focusing. Coming back to your natural state without all of the electronics and noise is enlightening. You may choose to float in the dark or light, in silence or listen to music of your choice for the duration of your float.

Floating allows you to power off and restart truly giving your body time to adjust and reset.

Floating provides healing to people for a variety of reasons including chronic pain, anxiety, low circulation, relaxation, meditation, rest, increased creativity, insomnia, fibromyalgia, and lowering blood pressure. At Float8 Studio yoga goes hand and hand with the other attributes of our senses to increase awareness and stress reduction.

At Radi8 Studio, we aim to cater to all 8 of your senses. We are fairly aware of the first 5 senses, but here we hope to affect all 8 of them.

The 5 senses being:

  1. Visual (Sight)
  2. Auditory (Sound)
  3. Olfactory (Smell)
  4. Gustatory (Taste)
  5. Tactile (Touch)
    What about the other 3 systems?
    Radi8 Studio is especially designed to serve all 8 systems
  6. Vestibular (sense of movement in space)
  7. Prioceptive (sensations of muscle and joints of the body)
  8. Interoception (sensations of the condition of the body like hunger and thirst)

In addition to all of the health benefits mentioned, you should float for pure relaxation. It is an amazing experience that is unique because the whole treatment is yours alone. This will help you renew your outlook and energy levels and get back to your true self. Your body has never felt his much rest in this short amount of time! In fact, 90 minutes of rest in a float cabin is equivalent to 4 hours of R.E.M.

After placing our earplugs, you will shower in a warm shower. After that, you will open the door and step into the tranquility pod or float cabin illuminated in light. You will notice 10 inches of water at your feet and there is a softness to the water. This is the density of the Epsom salt. The water is skin temperature and doesn"t seem that different until you lay back into the water. You will become aware of how incredibly buoyant you are. Then, you can tell your muscles to relax one at a time and notice that in order to float, you simply stretch to what"s comfortable and relax. It will take a few moments to get used to the sensation of not having to work at anything, you don"t have to flex the back of your neck, or engage any muscle at all. You may hear your heartbeat. You will hear the beautiful sound of your breath. Your thoughts might melt away into silence or you may actually have time to think something to its end. You might feel like you are flying a bit, this is the experience of zero gravity. You may choose to turn out the lights and music and witness what it"s like to simply be you without noise, or light. What you experience will be different the more you float. We can"t wait to hear how it felt to you.

For your experience to be wonderful, be sure to not shave or have any cuts 24 hours prior to floating. The salt is very concentrated and shaving can create a stinging sensation. You will be showering ahead of the float and after the float. Try to eat something an hour or more before floating so that your stomach is not audible during your float as well. Feel free to bring your favorite playlist and we can connect this into the cabin or you can select from our playlist options. The great thing about floating is to reduce, restore, and rethink for a period of time. It doesn"t require anything but you and is not hard to fit a float in after work or before heading to the gym.

Having no more water than a bathtub, you have complete control of the door at all times and may go in and out of the cabin at any time, or simply leave it open. Additionally, the cabin has the option of lights and music that you choose. You may stand, sit, or lay down at any point during your float.

This can occur for a period of time at the beginning of your first float as you try to adapt to the sensation of weightlessness. Your senses are enhanced trying to let go of your to do lists and forget me nots. Your mind deals with these things in a unique way until it relaxes toward the sensation of zero gravity. Your system typically calms down quickly into the most relaxing state for the rest of the float, thinking or just breathing at the rate in which you need to relax.

There is over 1000 lbs. of Epsom salt in the water of your cabin which is 5 times more dense than our ocean"¦Everyone will float effortlessly. Your concerns will simply float off with the rest of your curiosities allowing true rest.

  • Don"t float hungry. You will be amazed at how much you can hear when you reduce all external noise! If your stomach is hungry it will be audible so we recommend eating about an hour before you float!
  • Shaving should is not recommended in the last 24 hours. The dense salt combination will make floating sting with any open wounds so for that reason we recommend waiting until any cuts are fully healed.
  • Most can float when expecting. Consult your doctor with concerns
  • Please contact a doctor if you have diabetes prior to floating.
  • Do not float if you have recently colored your hair.

The tanks are somewhat different.  We have 2 tranquility tanks  - they are pod shaped fiberglass tanks and they have a light option (you can have it on or off) and the door raises and lowers with the push of a button.  Our classic tank, the Samadhi is a bigger, more square shaped tank that is a little more insulated against noise. It is completely dark inside (no light option) and you manually pull the 3 lb door open and closed behind you.  The samadhi is larger and holds 150 lbs more salt. Technically the air and water in all the tanks is 94.7°.