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"First time floating and the staff made us feel right at home! It was a peaceful and clean facility that left us feeling rejuvenated. Definitely looking forward to floating here again in the future!"

Breanne Happell on 10/29/2020

"FREAKING INCREDIBLE!! This was my first ever float tank experience, and I don't think I could ever go anywhere else after this. I am a long time yoga and meditation student, and I don't think I've ever been so relaxed in my entire life. The staff was the kindest, most helpful and knowledgeable. I never wanted to leave. I want to move to Boulder just so I can get the monthly membership. Such an amazing experience! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"

Kathryn Grieco on 10/26/2020

"The studio was immaculately clean and rooms were well appropriated with whatever you need to make your time there comfortable! Scheduling was easy and Tierra was so warm and friendly! Really looking forward to bringing my son there to float soon."

Lyn Bopp on 10/8/2020

"Staff is friendly, and provide clear and easy instructions for beginners to follow. There are several different types of tanks to experience, and the rooms are private, clean, and organized. You can choose to float with light, music, or just darkness. By my second float as a beginner, I was able to relax very quickly, and noticed a peacefulness and sense of mental clarity on my way home. Highly recommended!"

John Giamundo on 10/10/2020

"I visited Radi8 Float for the first time today and I was so very impressed. I had purchased a Groupon for a Light and Sound session but ended up also doing a float session after. Both were amazing and combing the two was phenomenal. The best way I can describe the Light and Sound session was like a guided meditation but the light was what was guiding me. Both sessions helped to place me into a deep meditative state where I was able to work with and even release some energy that I have been working with for some time. I highly recommend Radi8 float and I will definitely be going back."

Khadijih Mitchell-Polka on 10/10/2020

"Love every time I’m able to make it to radi8 float! The staff is always so friendly and caring, and the studio is beautiful. Very zen. Always come out of there feeling refreshed! Can’t wait for my next float, 2020 has made them a necessity!"

Kris Odegard on 10/4/2020

"I have been floating here for more than 6 mo and am enjoying my membership. This is my favorite float studio that I have ever tried (and I have tried many). This place is fantastic. The staff are top notch and go the extra mile to help you feel safe and relaxed. The facilities are impeccably maintained. It definitely improves my stress level and I will keep it up. If you are considering, I suggest you just take the plunge and give it a try. You won't be sorry!"

Naveen Thomas on 9/28/2020

"I have been here twice with different attendants each time. Both of them were super kind and attentive to anything that I needed. I went so that I could get a very quiet, peaceful experience and away from worldly stimulation--and I wasn't disappointed! Two Thumbs up."

Ora Goldman on 9/20/2020

"Very relaxing environment with welcoming and friendly staff. Amenities are nice. I have really enjoyed my monthly membership going once a week the last few months and I would highly recommend to anyone!"

George Garcia on 9/15/2020

"A lovely experience! Owner is responsive and personable; it's obvious she cares deeply about the health of others and clearly wants to make the world a better place. Lots of interesting details abound in the space outside of the tanks themselves, which are impeccably maintained. Best wishes to Radi8. <3"

Renee Barnett on 9/15/2020

"Best team, staff, and facilities"

Caelynn Christoff on 6/17/2020

"I slept well for the first time in weeks after a float. I have recently discovered I have long-term chronic Lyme disease and am frustrated at the lack of treatment available to me as insurance doesn't cover anything that actually helps, and alternative health practitioners seem to only cater to the wealthy. Disabled and on a fixed income, I decided to give Radi8 float studio a try.I had a float session at Radi8 and for the first time in months I had significant relief from pain and severe fatigue. I had been mostly bedridden and out of desperation scheduled a float with Radi8. The staff is friendly and supportive and accessible. I will definitely be coming back!"

Bhairavi Traut on 7/22/2020

"What an experience, amazing vibes as soon as you walk in the door, it is owner ran so the knowledge you get pre float is exactly what a first timer or someone interested in the "behind the float" would be looking for. The thing I want to stress most of all is the cleanliness and attention to detail in each room, every sense is considered for your experience, I'll definitely be a regular from now on, as they also offer essential oils for a great price and a light and sound machine. I left this place feeling more self aware, confident in my decisions and completely relaxed and later that day I was met with intense feeling of energy happiness and optimism, anyone who's feeling a little off or looking for something to change the way you view day to day life I highly recommend giving this place a visit and many more after."

Nick D.

"I had an amazing 1st experience at Radi8float. Owner had prepared me well for the process and what to expect. Floating was the most relaxing peaceful experience I have had in such a long time. I have insomnia issues and slept like a baby the last 2 nights after floating. I felt so chill and any anxieties were lifted. I would recommend this for everyone."

Erin M. on July 20, 2020

"Great float studio with growing offerings! Great way to destress and get energy back after a tough week. Highly recommend giving it a try!"

Zach D.

"Historically, had an issue with an appointment but I was contacted and this was resolved. Gift certificates seem to be somewhat more complicated to use than a regular payment. Overall, clean facility and I have floated about 3 times and enjoyed each float. Very relaxing."

Chelsea Simmons

"The Radi8 staff is super down to earth and really helpful. It's tough to find self-care time when you're so busy, but having a regularly scheduled visit to Radi8 allows me to make the dedicated, private, "me" time. It's an amazing, therapeutic experience. Even those who regularly practice meditation will find this to be a great "in the zone" experience. The studio is really close to my work in Boulder so it's easy to schedule before/after or on a lunch break. It's a no-frills, welcoming environment. There's none of the awkward small-talk that you find in a typical 'spa'. Just you and your mind. Best reward ever!"

Nadia A

"I cannot say enough amazing things about radi8 Float. I met Tierra (the owner) and she personally helped me. Not only do I now love floating, but I was personally touched by her passion and candor for what she does. Stop in and try something new for the first time you will not regret it!!"

Brandon S

"I LOOOOOOVED my float session at Radi8! It was clean, peaceful, and the staff was SO good at making me feel at ease and comfortable. I've been to a few other places and THIS ONE is my favorite!"

Sara W

"Floating is very therapeutic and relaxing. It’s great if you’re wanting to try something new."

Jennifer N

"Great staff And friendly Also very knowledgeable and caring for your experience. Very clean facility, felt so relaxed and stress free. And after they have great accommodations throughout the facility, anything you need! Will definitely be back."

Tyler B

"What a sweet spot! So peaceful, clean, and cozy- a perfect place to turn inward and tend to some self-care. Staff is really friendly and care so much about giving you a positive experience. I had hypnotherapy with Kelly, which was powerful and healing. I’ll most definitely be back!"

Nicole R

"My first float experience exceeded my expectations. I felt so comfortable after being given the rundown and tips. It was peaceful, easy for me to let go and I enjoyed the full body relaxation! The facility is clean and well maintained; plus they have a super friendly staff. Highly recommended!"

Christine C

"I experienced my first float ever yesterday, and going in I had no idea what to expect. To begin, just walking into the studio, the ambiance is just so peaceful and quiet. I was greeted by Tierra, who might possibly be one of the nicest people I have ever met! She walked me through the whole process and made sure I felt comfortable enough before beginning my float. During my time, it took me a little bit to get relaxed (I am very claustrophobic), but as time went on I started to calm down and enjoy the peace and quiet. The room and tank that I was in was very clean and I really like how there is a private shower within the room. I will definitely be coming back for another session, and hoping that I can be even more relaxed that this last float!"

Sean O

"Floating has changed my life in a positive way. I struggled with depression and anxiety before I started floating regularly. I feel like I’ve actually gotten a handle on it. I’ve struggled with severe back pain/sciatic nerve pain for a big part of my life and no longer struggle with that. I also get the benefits of sleeping thru the night on most nights now!! Floating is a great experience. I go every two weeks and recommend grabbing one of the books they have at their store to really see all the amazing things it’s done for people and could potentially do for you. The staff is awesome and very welcoming!!"

Taylor G

"The experience was unlike any other. Not to mention Corbin was so incredible at explaining everything to make my first visit comfortable. I appreciated his suggestions, and input on what my make my experience a great one. The environment was clean, and the atmosphere was set to entice relaxation and calm. The water inside the tub was warm, and I appreciated all of the little extras provided to make it a smooth transition in and out of the tub (shower, shampoo, ear plugs, etc.) I will definitely be coming back again soon!"

Whitney D

"What a great experience! If you are looking for a great place and cool new experience, floating at Radi8 is for you! It's calming, quiet and very relaxing! First time floater and I will definitely be back."

Abby P

"Very awesome experience! I have never tried anything like floating before and I am so glad I did. I didn't know what to expect at first, but I really do feel much more relaxed mentally and physically. Great staff and float chambers, all around amazing here."

Ben T

"1st Float 8.5 months pregnant I was nervous to confine myself in a small space with nothing but my thoughts. After floating I felt such a lightness in my mind, body, and heart. Everything felt at ease. I fell asleep and into a trance state. As a busy wife, mother, & business owner that almost seems impossible. I urge anyone nervous to try it. So freeing. "


"Floating reminds us to pause and slow down. In a world as busy as ours floating is important. 7/5/19"


"This was just what my body and brain needed. I can't remember the last time I was without worrying about anything, without planning something. Just me. I felt each muscle in my body slowly let go. My brain emptied. I fell into a deep state of relaxation. It was so different than any other float. My thoughts were so distant. I feel so at peace now. Thank you. "


"I know what it feels like to dream and to loose sense of time. Was so nice to feel nothing but to feel everything at the same time. Was ale to feel and see memories that I had forgotten about. What an experience! Thanks!"


"Everything was explained and a pleasant experience"

Mike V. on 3/30

"Because the young lady was very kind and educational and patient with all four of us. "

Evelyn H. on 3/30

"You have amazing facilities and great employees to guide you through the float process. I felt very comfortable and able to trancend."

Connor C.

"Warm, friendly staff, clean well-appointed rooms, interesting and soothing experience for mind and body. "

Laura G. on 3/31/2019

"I am recovering from an auto accident and concussion where I developed some speech and cognitive issues. The float tank experience is far and away the best thing I've discovered at helping my symptoms and helping to temorarily reset my brain in a way...I love it!!"

Mark C. on 4/1/2019

"Relaxing, I bought an affordable package, friendly staff."

Teresa M. on 4/9/2019

"quality of overall experience"

Arlene F. on 4/11/2019

"Your staff was really kind and helpful. Your place is very clean and I felt safe and aware of what I was going to be doing the whole time. Afterwards, again, your staff was so attentice and that really make a difference. It was my first float. "

Giovanna H on 4/13/2019

"Great Experience"

Tom G. on 4/13/19

"Everything was great except I got really cold right after getting our of the pod and before getting into the shower- second time this happened. Maybe next time I will ask if the room temperature in the winter can be kept highter? Thank you for a great experience nonetheless!"

Sylvia K. on 4/14

"Friendly staff. Comfortable atmosphere. Really cool how you can customeize and bring your own playlist (tranquility room 1) if you choose."

Alex D. on 4/15/2019

"Radi8 is the best! An amazing facility and I felt welcomed, warm, at home and zen in my float."

Sydney G.

"Great experience, clean facility and friendly staff."

Ryan W. on 4/19/20189

"Great experience and lovely environment!"

Noelle P. on 4/20/2019

"Lovely, very accommodating, nice facility owner*"

Taylor G on 4/21/2019

"Tierra was so kind and helpful when I called to get more info about floating, as well as when I came in for my float. I was nervous because it was my first time and Tierra made time to make sure all my questions were answered and she explained everything. The float itself was amazing as well!"

Dyana R. on 4/24/2019

"everything was excellent"

Brad F. on 4/25/2019

"It's pleasant when you come in, 90 minutes is a good amount to float, the people that work there are nice. They have great hours for availability if your schedule is a drawback. "

Malisa H. on 4/27/2019

"Because floating is awesome and so are you!"

Paul S. on 4/28/2019

"I've already recommended it to many people"

Justin M. on 5/1/19

"Tierra was friendly and helpful. She made the whole experience easy. Nice, clean facility and lots of options for customers."

Sam H on 5/2/2019

"5/3/2019- 4.5 Stars Studio seems cleaner and a little better cared for. I loved it before but the clean helps."

David M

"Relaxing and chill environment. Good Vibes!"

Steve F

"Great place to relax! The new owners have done a very nice job of re-organizing, re-decorating and refreshing the business! Owner response - Hi Rich! Thanks so much for the review. It is awesome to wake up and see this. It is one of the reasons why Michelle and I bought the studio. We wanted to have a direct effect on people's experience. We are so happy you are floating with us and hope you continue to have a great experience."

Rich B

"This is such an enlightening experience. I leave with a relaxed body and clear mind. Owner - We <3 you Kim! We are profoundly grateful for you and your energy! Keep Radi8ing!"

Kim L

"I was very nervous going into this experience, but I'm definitely happy that I pushed myself to do it. Owner - Hillary! That is great news! Relaxing is often so much more than pampering, it is the allowance to heal. I'm always surprised at the relief I can find once I push past the nervousness of things myself. We are so happy to be a part of that process for you. Thank you for your honesty!"

Hillary H

"Customer service and care as well as really nice facility and experience."

Maia M

"Great staff!"

Mike K

"You are the only place with a Samadhi Tank which is large and comfortable. Love the space and the people are great."

Robert P

"We love you guys and it is such and amazing experience!"

Kim L

"Clean, well organized and great customer service."

Bex B

"There were upgrades, like the soap dispensers, movement controlled lights, little things that made it better."

Lynne H

"Well, why not? Plus I was hoping I'd get discounts or a coupon or something. ;)"

Sam R

"Because floating is awesome"

Robert B

"Because floating is awesome"

Robert B

"Awesome experience!"

Heather T

"Because you are all excellent"

Luke N

"It was great"

Sabir B

"Because I think it's a wonderful experience everyone should enjoy!"

Jeff K

"Everything was amazing!"

Kimberly S

"Wonderful experience!!!"

Marlene B

"Great staff, amazing experience."

Christopher C

"Corbin did and amazing job."

John F

"I loved it. I said 4 because I'm not sure everyone would be open to float."

Barb B

"It was great. I would have liked another towel or bathrobe however."

Abby W

"Great service, great experience."

Corey M

"Attentive to the entire experience. Good prices and worth the visit."

Jonathan C

"The center was clean and had a nice vibe. I love that the shower was in the tank room. I had no disruptions during my float and the gentleman working at the time was super awesome, knowledgeable and kind."

Rebecca Y

"It was really good!"

Ateret G

"Amazing experience. Thank you."

Julia H

"Everything was explained and a pleasant experience."

Mike V

"Because the young lady was very patient and kind and educational with all four of us."

Evelyn H

"You have amazing facilities and great employees to guide you through the float process. I felt very comfortable and able to transcend."

Connor C

"I had never floated before going to Radi8 but heard cool things about it from some friends and people that I work with. I do yoga but would not say that I am practiced with meditation. Radi8 was an amazing place to try out floating and I will definitely float again due to my experience there! The facility is clean and very well maintained and the staff are all wonderful! They walked me through what to expect and how to get the best experience with sensory deprivation. I felt extremely comfortable in my room and the tranquility tank. They provided everything necessary to shower after so I could continue on with my day. I live in Denver but will absolutely drive to Boulder just to float there. I would highly recommend. "

McKenzie H.

"My son that just graduated from CU Boulder was a member and regular at the Float Center. He is a stress case and found relaxation there. He graduated and left Boulder in May but for some computer glitch reason, the membership kept being charged on my card. I just called and got really pleasant, empathetic customer service from Amanda and Corbin. They did the clerical work and got (owner) to approve a refund or the unused months. Most importantly, they had a good attitude about the refund. Their statement to me was " We want every experience with the Float Center to be positive including the business aspect of it" WOW !! Amanda explained to me about all the different float machines and how they worked and what the responses from "floaters" has been. Very informative, professional. and pleasant. Corbin did the final bookkeeping and follow up and was just as awesome ! I have another child attending CU for the next three years so I plan on doing a float when I visit!"

Roger C

"What an amazing experience☯️ I can not wait for my next float. 11/2018"

Carrie Scarboro- Rowe

"Did my first float as well, it was awesome! I highly recommend trying it. You’ll be hooked great staff and environment. 10/25/2018"

Jim Cleveland

"I received a float as a gift and had no idea what I was getting myself into. Now I understand why floating is becoming more popular, and I am looking forward to the next time. Tierra was very helpful; the facility is clean and provided a very relaxing environment. I spent the majority of my float not worrying about work, the kids, and the holidays."

Stephanie Bormann