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"I had never floated before going to Radi8 but heard cool things about it from some friends and people that I work with. I do yoga but would not say that I am practiced with meditation. Radi8 was an amazing place to try out floating and I will definitely float again due to my experience there! The facility is clean and very well maintained and the staff are all wonderful! They walked me through what to expect and how to get the best experience with sensory deprivation. I felt extremely comfortable in my room and the tranquility tank. They provided everything necessary to shower after so I could continue on with my day. I live in Denver but will absolutely drive to Boulder just to float there. I would highly recommend. "

McKenzie H.

"My son that just graduated from CU Boulder was a member and regular at the Float Center. He is a stress case and found relaxation there. He graduated and left Boulder in May but for some computer glitch reason, the membership kept being charged on my card. I just called and got really pleasant, empathetic customer service from Amanda and Corbin. They did the clerical work and got (owner) to approve a refund or the unused months. Most importantly, they had a good attitude about the refund. Their statement to me was " We want every experience with the Float Center to be positive including the business aspect of it" WOW !! Amanda explained to me about all the different float machines and how they worked and what the responses from "floaters" has been. Very informative, professional. and pleasant. Corbin did the final bookkeeping and follow up and was just as awesome ! I have another child attending CU for the next three years so I plan on doing a float when I visit!"

Roger C

"What an amazing experience☯️ I can not wait for my next float. 11/2018"

Carrie Scarboro- Rowe

"Did my first float as well, it was awesome! I highly recommend trying it. You’ll be hooked great staff and environment. 10/25/2018"

Jim Cleveland

"I received a float as a gift and had no idea what I was getting myself into. Now I understand why floating is becoming more popular, and I am looking forward to the next time. Tierra was very helpful; the facility is clean and provided a very relaxing environment. I spent the majority of my float not worrying about work, the kids, and the holidays."

Stephanie Bormann