Floating FAQ

Prepare to Float

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Know Before You Float

a) Please refrain from shaving the day of your appointment, epsom salt can sting when in contact with sensitive micro cuts on the skin for several minutes. 
b) If you wear contact lenses, it would be a problem if any salt water got into your eyes. If you remove your contacts you don't have to be concerned about it.
c) If you have caffeine before you float, it may interfere with your ability to relax.
d) You can eat. If you eat a very heavy meal you may spend a lot of time listening to your digestive juices. And, on the other hand, if you get very hungry you may spend a lot of time listening to your digestive juices. Moderation works.
e) Since it is a private experience, most people don't wear anything. Anything you wear will press against your body, becoming a distraction. In this regard imagine it as similar to getting into your bathtub.
f) It may be good to arrange your time so you don't have to rush. Many people enjoy savoring the peace and quiet before jumping into something hectic.
At the beginning of each float you can set an intention for what you would like to accomplish during your float. You may also use your float to observe where you hold tension in your body or your mind. You will develop many of your own ways of using your floats. We don't say more because we don't want to spoil your own adventure.

g) Call to inquire about your eligibility for our services if you have Epilepsy or Diabetes.
h) Please wait to float 5 days after having your hair dyed professionally or at home or if you have used self tanner or a spray tan in the last 5 days.
i) Please do not float with new tattoos or piercings for your comfortability and the sanitation of our equipment.
j) If you have open wounds, please wait until they are healed for a more comfortable experience and the sanitation of our equipment.

Music is a preference. 
Float Long and Lots