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Studio Founder

Native to Colorado, Tierra is a mother, nature lover and a creative. Tierra loves to float, snowboard, paint, and hike. 

"Radi8 came to mind after my first float. I felt rebalanced, rejuvenated and inspired. At Radi8 Float Studio, we hope to work with all 8 senses to create a unique and restorative space for your float."

Freedom, Love, Optimism, Awaken, Tranquility

At Radi8 we offer flotation as a unique way to experience the most pure, natural state of awareness, deep relaxation and meditative presence. By relieving the body of constantly supporting its own weight and freeing the mind from constant stimuli, floating frees up energy to meditate on what remains. So you can discover what is actually there and return into the world with a renewed, ever present awareness of yourself and the world.